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Meet the Hyatt Centric, the 1st new hotel on Las Olas in over 50 years


By Alex Miranda
WSVN 7 News
August 5, 2020

Want a true taste of downtown Fort Lauderdale? Make it over to Las Olas Boulevard. The shops and restaurants attract locals and out-of-towners day and night. Now, there’s a new go-to destination on the boulevard, and Alex Miranda has all the deets.
What do you give the boulevard that has everything? How about a place to eat, drink and spend the night in high style? And, it’s the first of its kind on Las Olas in over a half century.
South Florida, say hello to the Hyatt Centric Las Olas, the latest bright spot on the boulevard.
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Katherine Beja-McLennan, Hyatt Centric Las Olas: “We are the first hotel to be built in 70 years on Las Olas, so we bring a very fresh and new environment to the renaissance that’s happening in downtown Fort Lauderdale.”
Checking in is basically a touchless experience. You get a virtual key to open the door to your room. Then, you really get to start feeling out the place.
Katherine Beja-McLennan: “The views are city views. There are river views. Some of our rooms have beautiful balconies on them.”
The sleek design is a nod to Fort Lauderdale’s waterways.
Katherine Beja-McLennan: “Very marine-style but very subtle.”
One thing that’s not so subtle? The massive marine knot mural that adorns the head board of your bed.
Katherine Beja-McLennan: “In each room, we do feature a knot.”
Now that you’ve checked out the room, it’s time for food and cocktails at the Harborwood Urban Kitchen and Bar.
Katherine Beja-McLennan: “Our cuisine is very international. It’s eclectic. It represents a lot of Fort Lauderdale.”
The folks in the kitchen recommend trying a trio of their specialties.

The Harborwood signature burger with tomato bacon spread, the ropa vieja tacos — so good they come in pairs — and a plate of roasted cauliflower.
Never fear, here come the cocktails.
Katherine Beja-McLennan: “So the Kiwi be Friends is a Grey Goose vodka with San Germain, kiwi lemongrass coconut water and fresh lemon juice.”
That delight is crowned with a dehydrated lime. So is the Hot Tamale, a tequila-based treat.
This would be a perfect time for a stroll next to Elevate, the rooftop pool.
Katherine Beja-McLennan: “Where you can get a cocktail and enjoy yourself throughout the day.”
That looks most enjoyable.

Katherine Beja-McLennan: “Hyatt Centric is the launching pad to your experience in Fort Lauderdale.”
Hannah Payton, guest: “Everything is just absolutely beautiful. It’s just a wonderful experience here.”
The folks at the Hyatt Centric Las Olas promise to deliver a land and sea experience to their guests.
The hotel is close to the beach and the New River, right across the street from the NSU Art Museum, and down the block from all the action on the boulevard.


Hyatt Centric Las Olas
100 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301